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3 Common Damages Caused by Windstorms in Sandy Springs, GA

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

Windstorm damage to a Sandy Springs residential roof Contact the professionals at SERVPRO to inspect your property after a windstorm passes!

Are you prepared for the next windstorm? 

Property damages caused by wind can range across various categories depending on the speed of the wind. The professionals at SERVPRO have worked on multiple commercial and residential wind damage claims. 

Windstorms are infamous for causing the uprooting of entire trees and swaying branches that eventually shed and fly off, hitting surrounding structures and power lines. Off Interstate 285 (I-285), we have witnessed high wind speeds causing billboards to detach and cause major traffic jams. 

In addition, wind can cause substantial damage to roofs and structures of mobile homes, further leading to secondary damages like mold growth after any unwanted water has penetrated the interior of a property.  

After extreme wind speeds come through Sandy Springs, our 24/7 emergency hotline will begin to ring with calls regarding shattering windows and disheveled gutters and siding materials.

This blog is intended for any Sandy Springs property owner curious about the potential damage that wind can cause to their home or business. This post will go over the definition of wind and will go over potential property damage caused by different wind speeds. The professionals at SERVPRO of North Fulton have restored many properties throughout greater Atlanta after a windstorm. 

What is wind?

The wind is known as the collective movement of air generally caused by different air pressures within our atmosphere. The number of damages a property acquires will depend on the wind speed and the type of property.  

Most homeowners are surprised to hear that the damage to their property is reliant on the speed of the wind. 

Did you know? 

  • Wind speed of 45-57mph can break down tree branches and pull on loose and susceptible shingles.
  • Wind speed of 58-74mph can lead to the uprooting of trees, ripping of firmly attached shingles, mild damage to roof structure and chimneys. 
  • Wind speeds of 75-89mph can cause significant damage to trees, destruction of roofs, and flipping of mobile homes.
  • Wind speeds of above 90mph will lead to substantial roof damage to most properties.

Gutter systems are prone to windstorm damage.

Gutters are prone to severe damage through winds, and this damage is exacerbated if the gutters were not professionally installed. The shape of gutters allows wind to be captured within them easily, commonly leading to a misalignment. Additionally, constant exposure of gutters to strong winds can lead to metal fatigue. Metal fatigue will weaken the gutters' metal and affect the screws and nails holding the gutters in place. 

Regular gutter inspections and consultation with a Sandy Springs roofing contractor will help increase your chances of avoiding damages due to repeated exposure to high-speed winds.

High wind speeds can compromise a roofing system.

High-speed wind can cause significant damage to roofs of properties no matter how well they were built. High winds will be shown by detached shingles and missing granules from the rooftop. A clear sign of roof damage caused by wind will be piled-up granules found in chimneys or gutters. 

Loose and missing shingles can lead to a roof leak or poor water drainage. With that being said, it is essential to contact restoration professionals when you notice missing shingles. Missing shingles signal will leave a roof vulnerable and should be fixed right away. 

Wind can damage siding materials. 

Strong winds can significantly damage the siding of your property. Flying tree branches, debris, or heavy objects blowing in due to a windstorm can leave holes in vinyl sidings and dents in aluminum sidings. Sometimes, the wind is fast enough to cause entire pieces of aluminum sidings to detach and break off. 

In addition, wind can lead to chipping and cracking of vinyl siding, commonly overlooked by an untrained eye. Finally, properties built with wood siding materials are highly susceptible to water damage after high winds have caused a crack or misalignment. 

The IICRC certified professionals at SERVPRO have mitigated mold damages after windstorms caused siding damage. Contact our team of professionals to avoid mold damage after your property has come in contact with high wind speeds. 

Why Contact SERVPRO for wind damage restoration?

Following a disastrous windstorm, the process of recovery and restoration can seem highly daunting. Let the storm damage professionals at SERVPRO take on your responsibility to restore any size of damage that your property has endured. 

The team at SERVPRO of North Fulton has been trained to find areas susceptible to further damages after a windstorm quickly. When you contact us, you will receive fast-acting professional support to reduce the extent of the damage. We are equipped with the best resources in our green SERVPRO trucks to handle windstorm disasters and cater to recovery!

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