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Avoid School Mold With The #1 Best Mold Cleaning Team

10/19/2021 (Permalink)

A school classroom free of mold Contact the professionals at SERVPRO for commercial mold removal services!

Mold in school buildings should be quickly remediated to ensure a healthy learning environment.

It's no secret that schools are breeding grounds for mold. Kids spend their days in classrooms where the air is often stagnant, and there are plenty of opportunities for water to get tracked underneath the floorboard after it rains outside. With all the staff and students, school buildings become giant Petri dishes for mold spores and other forms of bacteria.

The problem with mold is not just how it looks; it also can disrupt valuable education with its harsh smell. Such an environment isn't one that anyone should be in, especially not students or teachers.

Since mold spores thrive on damp and humid surfaces, schools with poor ventilation, inadequate drying systems, and violations of building codes can find themselves with serious mold problems.

In the following blog post, we will be going over mold in school buildings, how it can occur, and the best way to prevent mold growth in schools. 

What does school mold look like?

Mold is commonly found in damp and humid areas, which may include classrooms. A mold is a form of fungi that grows in wet areas and thrives on organic materials such as wood, paper, or cotton. It appears as patches of moldy black, orange, brown, or white spores.

Why should schools be proactive about preventing and removing mold?

All schools should strive to create a healthy learning environment for children. One aspect of this is the prevention and removal of mold from classrooms, as mold can disrupt time in a classroom with musty odors. To safely clean surfaces for kids and prevent mold from growing, schools need to hire mold remediation professionals at SERVPRO who understand mold spores and their roots.

A mold infestation will require remediation specialists to properly clean the mold and spores from surfaces before allowing children back into the affected area.

How can schools prevent the growth of mold?

Schools need to take mold prevention seriously. The professionals at SERVPRO have found that the number one cause of mold growth comes when a water damage disaster is not properly restored. Therefore, to prevent mold in school buildings, the faculty staff must never try to restore water damages without help from certified water restoration professionals.

One of the best approaches to prevent future mold issues is to design a mold prevention plan for your school building. First, one must establish an action plan with priorities and individual responsibilities assigned to faculty staff to inspect a specific school property area, searching for mold. If mold is found, it should be removed from the surfaces immediately before it becomes a greater problem. Without taking mold prevention measures, schools are risking exposing students to mold spores.

It is best to also schedule regular mold evaluations with a mold remediation professional to prevent future mold outbreaks. The professionals at SERVPRO have found that mold evaluations are the number one best preventative measure to avoid mold growth in the future. 

Wrapping up

We hope you learned that mold in school buildings is not something to take lightly. No matter the size of your school's mold problem, your staff is not trained to handle the issue independently. However, SERVPRO of North Fulton has the experience and expertise needed to remediate mold with minimal disruption. Our IICRC certified SERVPRO professionals will get the job done when they show up with their personal protective gear and industry-standard equipment to ensure that students and staff don't have to deal with musty odors anymore!

Contact our 24/7 emergency crews today if you want help removing mold from surfaces in classrooms and preventing future mold outbreaks.

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