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The 5 Most Common Causes of Hotel Water Damage

2/22/2022 (Permalink)

Hotel water damage in a hotel room Contact the professionals at SERVPRO for emergency water removal!

The professionals at SERVPRO know that hotels are a common place for water damage to occur.

As a hotel owner or manager, you have a lot on your plate when it comes to the day-to-day operations of running a hotel business. One of the most important jobs of a hotel owner is to ensure that the hotel runs smoothly with little to no interruption.

Arguably the most considerable interruption in the hotel industry is when the property gets hit with significant damages from water, fire, or mold. Water damage is the most common problem that hotel owners face, and it causes severe damage to hotel property.

This blog post will discuss the five most common signs of hotel water damage. We will also list the most common reasons why water damage occurs in hotels. If you're a hotel owner or manager, it's essential to be aware of these signs and take corrective action as soon as possible!

What is water damage, and what are the most common causes?

Water damage occurs when the property is saturated with water. Water damage varies from minor issues such as small leaks or clogged drains to large pipe bursts that cause extensive damage throughout a hotel.

The causes of hotel water damage vary, but here are five of the most common:

  1. Leaky pipes
  2. Flooding from outside sources
  3. Malfunctioning appliances
  4. Clogged drains and sewers
  5. Roof leaks 

Each of these issues can cause significant water damage, and when not addressed, they can lead to some serious long-term problems. Therefore, hotel owners need to be aware of the signs of water damage to address the issue.

What are some of the signs of hotel water damage?

The following are common signs that you have issues with your hotel's water damage:

  • A leaky ceiling: If you notice a leaking or damp spot on your ceiling, then it could be cause for concern. A leaky ceiling can lead to water damage in your hotel rooms and office.
  • A lack of water pressure: When there is low or no water pressure, you may have a burst pipe that needs fixing.
  • Noises coming from water pipes: It is common for hoteliers to hear the pipes make sounds when they are experiencing issues like a burst pipe.
  • Wet carpeting in one room of the hotel or office: If you notice water damage in only one part of your property, it can indicate an issue with a specific pipe.
  • A musty odor around the property: A musty smell can be an indicator that there's a water leak somewhere inside your building. 

How to prevent water damage in your hotel

One of the best ways to prevent water damage in your hotel is knowing what to look for when there are issues. In addition, you will want to do the following to ensure your hotel continues to stay dry:

  • Check your appliances regularly for any malfunctions.
  • Make sure that your drains and sewers are clear and free of debris.
  • Fix any leaks immediately
  • Regularly check your roof for any leaks or damage.

Following these tips will help minimize the chances of water damage occurring in your hotel.

What to do after you detect water damage in your hotel

If you detect any water damage in your hotel, it's vital to take corrective action as soon as possible. The number one best thing you can do is call the IICRC certified professionals at SERVPRO of North Fulton. The professionals at SERVPRO know how to handle any size job and can check for small leaks. Unfortunately, small leaks worsen over time and can cause significant water damage.

SERVPRO of North Fulton is ready to assist hotel owners and managers with water damage issues. We are available 24/7 for any emergencies that might arise in your hotel. Please contact us today for more information. We are happy to help!

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