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The Number 1 best Type of Air Purifier To Clean The Air In Your Home

9/7/2020 (Permalink)

Mold damage clean up will need a HEPA filter Mold jobs involve a containment barrior and a HEPA filter.

Have you been looking for the best air filtration to keep the air in your home clean? This post will go over the best type of air filtration system. 

Being a SERVPRO franchise located right outside the city of Atlanta, we understand the concerns for air pollution. Major cities are known to have a lot of smog in the air. Smog is the name of pollution in the air. Smog typically contains dust, odors, and other contaminants. 

According to the World Health Organization, the worse the air is in a city, the higher the risk for a stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases for those who live in them. 

Did you know that the highest polluted city in the world in 2019 was Ghaziabad, India? In the US, the highest polluted city was Los Angeles. 

We believe that all homeowners need to prioritize the air quality in their homes, primarily when located near a city. If you live in the middle of the woods where there are many trees, you're in luck because trees absorb odors and pollutant gases and filter particulates out of the air. 

However, living in or near a city grants a higher possibility that your home can quickly develop dust, contaminants, and odor problems. 

Some homeowners believe that moving air with a fan will help promote fresh air. The truth of the matter is that this is not the best solution. A fan will only move the polluted air from one room to another. It would be best to look into an air filtration device to help clean the polluted air in your home. 

The number 1 best type of air filtration system:

  1. HEPA Technology

The team at SERVPRO has chosen Hepa technology as the best air filtration system because it is the most cost-effective and has a proven track record of cleaning the air. We use Hepa technology when we are performing any mold cleaning jobs. A HEPA filter works by forcing the dirty air through the filter where the particles are captured. The clean air is then forced out of the filter, filling your home with fresh, renewed air.

Why should you invest in a HEPA filter? 

It is known that mold, dust, and other odors live in the world around us. The goal is to keep them out of our homes. Pollutants generally fall into five primary air pollutants:

Ozone pollutants come from harmful industrial chemicals and fuel burning.

  • Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)

Nitrogen oxides pollutants come from vehicles, power plants, and other forms of fuel burning.

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon monoxide pollutants come from fossil fuel burning from vehicles and heavy machinery.

  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

Sulfur Dioxide pollutants come from fuel-burning from industries and power plants and ships and vehicles with heavy equipment.

  • Particulate Matter

Particulate Matter pollutants come from construction sites, smokestacks, fires, and unpaved roads directly emit coarser particles such as windblown dust, dirt, smoke, and soot. 

When one of the five types of air pollutants enter your home, it can be difficult to breathe. With the use of a HEPA filter, breathing will become much more manageable.

SERVPRO uses its HEPA filters from the removal of mold and allergens in the air. We have found that our HEPA filters make a cleaner atmosphere inside your home. HEPA filters also combat lingering odors and deliver fresh, breathable air. 

Deciding what type of air filter is best for your home and family can be challenging. The SERVPRO staff here at SERVPRO of North Fulton is here to help you choose which of the HEPA air filtration machines are designed to effectively remove pollutant particles in your house. 

Allergens, dust, and mold can try to take over your home, but you can fight back with a HEPA air purifier system. If you have a severe mold issue, we ask that you call us today, and we will come out and evaluate the extent of the mold present in your home. Our IICRC certified team is ready to help you with mold remediation services. 

Call us at (770) 992-2777

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