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The Dangers of a Damaged Roof Vent Boot

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

A secure roof vent boot It is essential to inspect your roof after a storm passes!

Roof vent boots need to be checked multiple times throughout the year for damages.  

The roof vent boot is a significant part of your home's ventilation system. It protects the vent from debris and animal intrusion and prevents water from entering and damaging the interior of your house during a storm.

If you notice that a roof vent boot has been damaged or removed, it should be replaced immediately to avoid serious problems down the road. The following are some reasons why we recommend replacing a damaged roof vent boot as soon as possible.

While roof vent boots are important for maintaining a balance between air intake and exhaust, extreme heat, cold, or wind may weaken the watertight seals around the roof vent boots over time, causing a roof vent boot leak.

Leaks around vent pipes are one of the most frequent roof storm damage issues our team encounters. The leakage will start in the attic, but if you don't notice and treat it right away, you may see ceiling water damage or water dripping on the floor within the house. When left unattended, the water will inevitably cause a secondary water damage issue.

After a storm passes, check your roof for a damaged vent boot.

The changing of the seasons is pleasant, but it is not so great for your roof vent boot pipes' ability to repel water. Summer heat or winter cold will wear down the flashing on your roof vent boot pipes, reducing their ability to reflect and divert water away from your house. 

The normal contraction and expansion that roofs go through when the weather changes are what commonly causes harm to roof vent boots. Your roof's movement will cause the boot to break or separate from the roof. Roof vent boots can also deteriorate with time due to sun exposure or harsh weather conditions.

A broken roof vent boot, in any case, would allow water to reach your home and cause costly water damage. Hence, check your roof for a damaged vent boot whenever there is a storm or heavy rainfall.

What is a roof vent boot?

A roof vent (also considered a vent pipe cover in the roofing industry) is the rubber cover surrounding your roof's vent pipe and helps seal the area of the roof surrounding the pipe from debris and water. 

The cover of a roof vent boot is usually made of rubber or urethane, and it typically has a metal base that encases the pipe.

The boot, through its design, ensures airtightness by preventing rain from coming in contact with your roof's membrane, which could cause leaks if water accumulates on the surface. 

Signs of a damaged roof vent boot

Depending on the condition of the material and the weather in Alpharetta, Georgia, the rubber boots on the vents can last at least ten years, if not longer.

Here are some of the most common signs that a roof vent boot is damaged:

  • Small holes in the boot
  • Missing pieces of plastic or rubber from the edges of the vent cover
  • Signs that water has been leaking into your property for a prolonged period.
  • Mold damage in areas of your roof that are exposed to water leakage

If you notice any of these signs, it's important not to wait. Give us a call, and one of our restoration experts will provide you with the best assistance possible.

Even if there are no visible signs of a leak, you should get your roof and roof vent boots inspected continuously throughout the year to ensure that it is working properly and keeping water out of your house.

When to repair a vent boot

Roof vent boots of higher quality are made to "move" with the roof. The issue is that not all home builders install high-quality roof vent boots. To save money, many roofing contractors use low-cost roof vent boots that are likely to malfunction, and in the worst situations, cause water damage.

Early signs, like small holes in the boot, will serve as a warning of an incoming disaster. It is always wise to fix these problems early on and not leave them untreated. 

Call SERVPRO for any roof causing water damages. 

No water damage is the best sort of water damage. SERVPRO technicians are experienced in identifying and repairing all types of water damage, from a leaky roof vent boot to a pipe burst.

SERVPRO of North Fulton is a preferred water restoration vendor that believes in providing quality services with respect, honesty, and integrity. We will always be upfront with you about the process of repairing your home's water damage. With years of experience behind us, we know how to get things done quickly and efficiently so everyone can continue with their lives just like they were before disaster struck!

Contact SERVPRO of North Fulton today at (770) 992-2777 if you need help getting rid of any unwanted water damage.

What Equipment Is in A SERVPRO Truck?

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

Drying equipment found in a SERPVO Truck Air movers and dehumidifiers are two pieces of equipment that will always be found in a SERVPRO Truck.

SERVPRO trucks are designed and equipped with state of the art equipment

Every SERVPRO professional's main priority is to restore your damaged items and properties to their pre-disaster state as if the disaster had never occurred. Each member of the SERVPRO of North Fulton team is committed to providing every customer with the best assistance when they most need it.

Our SERVPRO truck is an essential commodity at SERVPRO. A SERVPRO truck has various state-of-the-art tools for dealing with water, fire, and mold damage. Our well-known green extractor truck is equipped with a mount extractor. Our mount extractor is powerful; it comes with a 250-foot hose that allows it to get into a property to perform water mitigation service. On top of extracting water, it also works to clean carpets! Due to the truck's size, several tools and equipment can be efficiently added if necessary, and that is what our job and your damaged property require!

SERVPRO trucks are made for restoration services

Restoration, no matter the size of the damage, requires reliable vehicles that can accommodate not only the wide range of equipment needed by various job types, as well as the waste material extracted from them. In the restoration industry, restoration vehicles with large payload capacity and spacious, well-organized cargo areas are highly beneficial. SERVPRO trucks fall right in that category and meet all the requirements of a useful/handy restoration truck, precisely what a highly trained professional needs during an emergency. 

The professionals at SERVPRO of North Fulton use advanced equipment and cleaning procedures to clean and repair damaged property. Their "restore first" approach minimizes disruption and allows you to get back to your daily life in no time. With such an approach, all that our experts need is the right type of equipment at the right time, and SERVPRO trucks fulfill that requirement because they are designed to carry out restoration procedures efficiently. 

Equipment inside a SERVPRO truck

At SERVPRO, we truly understand the immense importance of the role that the right type of equipment plays during our restoration services. That is why we always come prepared with our SERVPRO truck fully equipped. Quite evidently, every kind of damage restoration requires a specific set of tools. Here is a list of the most commonly found tools inside a SERVPRO truck:

  • Thermo hygrometers:

Thermo hygrometers are used to determine relative humidity and temperature. A SERVPRO specialist can take these two readings to determine the exact dew point, humidity, and vapor pressure.

  • Air Moving Equipment:

Air movers are used to improve evaporation at the surface and are useful in water damage restoration; as airflow rises, moisture rises as well and is then eliminated by dehumidification equipment.

  • Dehumidification Equipment:

Dehumidifiers reduce humidity and blow warm, dry air out the vents. SERVPRO specialists use both refrigerant and dehumidifiers

  • Detection Equipment:

Detection equipment involves locating the areas impacted by water and determining how much the contents and structures have absorbed water. The use of these moisture sensing systems allows the SERVPRO professional to know when the contents or structure has achieved complete dryness. Detection equipment senses moisture in walls, baseboards, and flooring.

  • Deodorization Equipment:

Deodorizing equipment, like foggers, contain deodorizing agents, allowing an odor-causing substance to be eliminated. The device enables disinfectants and antimicrobials to be injected into trouble spots and walls.

What does a SERVPRO truck look like

Our SERVPRO green service trucks are difficult to ignore as they pass through a neighborhood. Our SERVPRO green color is pretty apparent and was designed to catch the attention of potential customers. 

Every SERVPRO franchise across the country now uses the iconic green paint on whole fleets of vehicles, from production vans to disaster recovery storm trailers. Our vehicles are ready, and our experts are well equipped for any size disaster 24/7.

What to expect when a SERVPRO truck shows up

At SERVPRO, we understand how difficult and exhausting it can be to deal with disasters as they never come with a warning. The first thing to expect when a SERVPRO truck shows up at your property after you called for help is assurance and certainty. Because now your property is in the best hands of our well-trained experts, and you can finally relax, knowing that your home/property/business will be in a pre-disaster state within no time. 

Disasters like storms, floods, and fire never wait for business hours to show up, and neither do we! We know how important it is to act quickly in such a situation; that is why our customers should always expect an immediate response. When you have suffered damage and have called for our help, expect fast service from our professionals as they show up in a SERVPRO truck!

SERVPRO of North Fulton is a preferred water restoration vendor in Alpharetta for many insurance companies. Contact us today for the best customer service in Metro Atlanta.

The Importance of Checking For Missing Shingles On The Roof After A Storm

4/20/2021 (Permalink)

missing shingles on the roof Contact the professionals at SERVPRO for water damage repairs cause by missing shingles

Missing shingles on the roof can cause your roof to leak the next time it storms.  

When you're a homeowner, there is a fair share of roofing wear and tear that needs to be taken care of every once in a while. A typical asphalt roof will last about 25 years, but the life expectancy will lower when there are damages from a storm. There is a high probability that high wind speeds or hail damage will result in missing shingles on the roof. You will want to get your roof inspected ASAP to avoid further problems like secondary damages to your property. The worst-case scenario is that you might need to replace your roof, especially if there are missing shingles. 

One of the most likely implications of missing roofing shingles is roof leaks that do not show up immediately. A roof leak might occur slowly or develop in an unexpected place, causing them to not show up immediately.  

Most people do not relate leaks to missing shingles but often assume that there might be a plumbing issue. The only way to truly know you have a roof leak caused by missing roof shingles is by getting your roof inspected by a professional. An experienced roof inspector can quickly rule out the cause of a roof leak and provide an action plan to avoid the recurring issue. 

2 effects of missing shingles on the roof

1) Lowered home value

When there is any damage to a home's structure, it can lead to a dip in property value. Your home's initial appearance is what people lay their eyes on, and anything aesthetically displeasing will leave a negative impression. 

When you are looking to sell your home, you may hire a real estate agent; one of the first things a real estate agent will look at is the roof. When a real estate agent notices any distortion (link missing roof shingles), they can reduce the property's value. Even if you're not looking to sell your house, missing shingles give the impression of negligence on behalf of the owner. 

2) Water damage 

As mentioned earlier, it is unlikely that you will notice a roof leak as soon as it develops, and even if you do, there are chances that you will overlook missing roof shingles as the cause. Hence, these leakages persist for prolonged periods and eventually find a way to the interior of your house, thus ruining expensive property and necessitating costly repairs. 

What causes roof shingles to go missing? 

When it comes to housing, the roof is what keeps the structure shielded. Any discrepancy might cause problems that will cost you a lot of time and money in the long run. Shingles are lost when there is heavy rain or a storm with high wind speeds. Shingles may also go missing when you do not invest in a professional roof installation and opt for a cheaper alternative. 

Does insurance cover roof repairs 

When it comes to home insurance claims, insurance companies are particularly eagle-eyed. A claims expert will usually hire an experienced roofing contractor to examine the extent of the roof damage. If you report missing shingles after a prolonged period, they might refuse to compensate you for damages. The insurance company might agree to cover part of the damage. Still, they may ask you to pay a portion of the repairs. 

Contact SERVPRO to avoid future damages from missing shingles. 

There is no doubt that the importance of a professional roof inspection saves you a lot of misery in terms of time and money. If you happen to be sitting in a water damage situation caused by missing roof shingles, you need to call the preferred water restoration vendors at SERVPRO of North Fulton. SERVPRO is an industry-leading company and has licensed professionals on call who can deal with any size residential and commercial restoration damage. The best thing about hiring the professionals at SERVPRO is that they will walk you through the insurance claim process when you need help. 

SERVPRO of North Fulton is independently owned and operated by owner Rick Northen. Rick Northen has built a restoration business that provides the best customer service and top-of-the-line restoration repairs in Alpharetta.

Is Your Fire Pit Properly Distanced From Your Home? 11 Tips Included

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

Permanent Fire Pit in Alpharetta GA Never leave a fire unattended!

Fire pit safety guidelines to avoid home fire damage

Many homeowners want more from their backyards than a typical wood deck with a barbecue grill. Nowadays, there is a growing attraction to features such as pools, outdoor kitchens, vegetable gardens, and fire pits. Fire pits come in many types, sizes, styles, and materials to choose from, allowing you to base your decisions depending on the available space in your backyard.

Before you start dreaming about a relaxing, cozy night under the stars, roasting marshmallows, there are several things you should consider before adding a fire pit to your backyard.

Any time you think about adding an open flame to your property, you need to consider the disasters that come along with it. Disasters never come with a warning, fire as small as a matchstick can turn out to be highly catastrophic. Let's look at a couple of things to be cautious about when it comes to installing a backyard fire pit.

How far should a fire pit be from the house?

Fire pits will bring a warm, serene feel to your outdoor setting, but bear in mind that open fires can be hazardous when installed on your porch or patio. You risk starting an uncontrollable fire if you don't keep your fire pit at a safe distance from your house.

Before deciding where to place your fire pit, you must first determine if you will be purchasing a portable fire pit or installing a permanent fire pit. There are several choices for both permanent and portable fire pits when it comes to price and design. When you've decided which one you want out of the two, you'll need to figure out where the right spot to place it.

  • A fire pit should be (at least) 10 to 20 feet away from your house. 10 to 20 feet is the most recommended minimum distance; however, the farther away you choose to install your fire pit, the less likely it is to cause a fire hazard to your home.
  • You should also keep the fire pit (at least)10 to 20 ft away from any shrubs, trees, or other flammable materials.

To figure out how far away items can be from your fire pit, calculate a 10 to 20-foot radius and imagine an imaginary circle around it. Having a radius will make it simple to ensure that your home and all other belongings are kept a safe distance from the open flame. 

11 Fire pit safety tips 

  1. Do not place a fire pit on uneven ground.
  2. Do not place the fire pit under any power lines.
  3. Build a fire in an open area and never under a building overhang.
  4. Only burn seasoned wood. (which has been dried for six months) 
  5. Avoid using softwoods like birch and pine because they tend to produce more sparks.
  6. Do not burn treated construction lumber.
  7. Do not use any flammable liquids.
  8. Keep a bucket of water, a fire extinguisher, or a garden hose nearby.
  9. Keep pets and kids away from the fire. (at least 3 feet)
  10. Be mindful of the wind direction.
  11. Never leave the fire unattended. 

Remember that fires will spark and rise far higher in the air than you would expect, so make sure your fire pit is not only far away from your home but also away from any awnings or other covers.

Two Types of Fireplaces (Permanent Vs. Portable)

Permanent Fire Pits

The assistance and design of landscaping experts or experienced contractors are among the top advantages of a permanent fire pit. You can also purchase a ready-made kit that helps you to build a permanent fire pit. 

Portable Fire Pits

Portable fire pits are designed to be movable and are available in a variety of designs. Steel, copper, and cast iron are the most common materials used to make portable fire pits. 

Regardless of the type you pick, you must use appropriate materials (which do not disintegrate when the fire heats up).  

Contact SERVPRO for fire damage restoration 

Fire disasters from a fire pit can come without warning. Such an unfortunate thing can happen to anyone, so it is best to follow the fire pit safety tips we listed in this post. Be aware that SERVPRO of North Fulton specializes in fire restoration if your home does suffer from fire pit fire damages. We are available 24/7 and offer skilled, certified professionals who can restore your house to a pre-disaster state. As well, we will also help you with your fire insurance claim. Our goal is for you not to be able to tell that there was ever a fire!

6 Unique Signs to Properly Identify Hail Damage in Alpharetta

4/6/2021 (Permalink)

Two inch hail ball in Alpharetta grass. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO for any size storm damage repairs!

Hail Damage affects many Alpharetta properties.

Hail damage results in many homeowner's claims every year. In 2020 there were a total of 8 hail storms in the city of Alpharetta, causing many submitted claims!  

Many claims have been submitted because of the growing popularity for home builders to use vinyl siding as the predominant exterior material. Vinyl siding's lightweight design is built to survive high winds but is easily damaged by hail. When fast-falling hailstones strike the panels, it will cause chipping or cracking.

What can hail damage? 

Some hail damage is apparent, like broken windows or dented siding. The slight, unnoticed hail damage, on the other hand, requires a trained eye to be detected. You'll need to have a hail damage inspection to determine the extent of the damage and to move forward with any necessary repairs. Look no further; the team at SERVPRO of North Fulton will provide you with the best assistance. 

If your roof has indeed been damaged by hail, your house may be prone to roof leaks, missing roofing materials, or shingles deterioration.

Here are some things to look for to check if your house has been damaged by hail:

  • Examine the downspouts & gutters for dings and dents. Hailstorms often leave small dents in metal gutters and downspouts.
  • Look for dents, splatter marks, cracks, holes, or paint chips in your home's siding. Siding damage will be apparent during severe hail storms.
  • Hail can tear or make holes in metal & fiberglass window screen mesh.
  • Check the outdoor furniture you have. Plastic yard furniture can be cracked or damaged by severe hail storms. It also might chip the paint of your wooden furniture or splinter its wood.
  • A cracked or dented mailbox may suggest that a hailstorm hit your area. In plastic mailboxes, search for holes and cracks. In metal mailboxes, check for dents.
  • Look for small cracks in the window glass.

As well, the Professionals at SERVPRO have seen wind-driven hail tear the siding off houses, break glass windows, cause roof damage, and leave dents on exterior pipes.

Does insurance cover hail damage?

Homeowners' insurance will typically cover hail damage to the roof and other parts of your property. However, some insurance policies limit their hail damage coverage. Before you decide to submit an insurance claim, you should look for these six signs: 

6 Signs of Hail Damage

  1. Damage to outdoor furniture.
  2. Dented Gutters/Downspouts/Mailbox.
  3. Missing/Lifted shingles.
  4. Damaged/Cracked/Broken windows.
  5. Dented vehicles.
  6. Damage to sidings.

Whether you live in a high-risk area or not, calculating the extent of damage a hail storm has caused to your house can be difficult. It is best to have your home inspected by a professional when your home is damaged by hail. The right company will determine the damage and help you file a homeowners insurance claim. Check your policy for coverage restrictions if you live in an area where hail damages a high percentage of properties.

Please don't leave hail damage alone!

Hail damage comes in all shapes and sizes. When left alone, a property owner becomes more susceptible to leaks caused by a damaged roof. Property water damage can result in secondary damages like mold growth.

Keep the following chart in mind when identifying hail:

Quarter size: Minor exterior damage.

Half Dollar size: Minor to little damage (Cracks)

Walnut size: Dents wood and causes severe roof damage.

Golf Ball size: Exterior dents and cracks, possibly braking windows.

Tennis Ball size: Severe damages, breaks windows. 

It is a wise choice to seek help and get your hail-damaged home back to normal.

SERVPRO hail damage repair professionals

As you have learned, hail damage can be extremely costly. It would be best if you acted quickly by hiring a reputable company that has dealt with all types of storm damage before. SERVPRO is the most reliable option for getting your everyday life to be normal again after you have suffered from storm damage

SERVPRO of North Fulton is a preferred restoration vendor and is fully equipped with all of the state-of-the-art restoration equipment for any size job. Before you know it, your property will be back in a "pre-disaster" state. The citizens of Alpharetta know to count on us; we offer 24/7 emergency services! Contact us today!

2 Types of Commercial Sprinkler Systems In Commercial Properties

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial sprinkler system in Alpharetta GA Contact the fire and water restoration professionals at SERVPRO today!

Is your business equipped with the right commercial sprinkler system? 

Sprinkler devices are a necessary aspect of any facility's overall fire prevention plan.

Although it's crucial to understand the two types and the differences between sprinkler systems, they should only be installed and maintained by skilled professionals. 

Fire protection is included in numerous new construction projects to secure both the property and its people. Should you install a fire sprinkler system if you don't already have one? How do you know if you've got the right system in place for your company? In this blog post, we will look at different types of sprinkler systems and how they function. 

What is a commercial sprinkler system? 

It is common to see commercial sprinkler systems installed on ceilings or sidewalls of a commercial building. A commercial sprinkler system is an active fire safety mechanism that consists of a water delivery system and provides sufficient flow-rate and pressure to a water delivery piping system, to which the fire sprinklers connect.

How do commercial sprinkler systems work?

Commercial sprinkler systems are activated when high temperatures trigger them. When a fire starts, the air just above it quickly heats up. This hot air rises to the ceiling and spreads. When the air becomes hot enough and enters a sprinkler head, a chain reaction occurs.

In many commercial sprinkler systems, a glass bulb with a glycerin-based liquid is used. When the glass bulb liquid comes into contact with air between 135 and 165 degrees, it expands. As it expands, the glass confines are broken, and the sprinkler head will begin dispersing gallons of water. 

The 2 different types of sprinkler systems:

  1. Hydraulic designed systems 
  2. Pipe schedule systems 

Furthermore, commercial sprinkler systems are divided into five main system types, each of which is designed to the requirements of different facilities to improve response time and maintain the safety of the staff and properties.

Five system types:

  1. Dry pipe
  2. Wet pipe
  3. Foam suppression systems
  4. Deluge
  5. Pre-action systems.

Dry pipe system

Water is not stored in the pipes of dry pipe systems. Instead, they're packed with pressurized nitrogen released when a fire activates the sprinkler head's valves. The pipes are filled up with vapor, which is then discharged over the smoke or fire.

Wet pipe system

Traditional fire sprinklers, also known as wet pipe sprinklers, are the most popular in commercial properties. When a fire breaks out, the heat stimulates the closest sprinkler head, releasing pressurized water held in the pipes. In the event of a false alarm, each sprinkler head is triggered individually, causing water damage.

Foam suppression system

Foam suppression systems are similar to a wet pipe system. Water is stored and flows through a network of pipes and is discharged when triggered. The only difference from a wet pipe system is that a foaming agent will also be discharged from a separately stored piping system.

Deluge system

The Deluge system's sprinkler heads remain open. They lack a heat-sensing feature in the sprinkler head and must be activated by a heat sensor or external smoke. Water fills up the pipes and is distributed to all opened sprinkler heads when high heat is sensed.

Pre-Action system

The pre-action valve opens when smoke or heat is detected, allowing water to enter the pipes. The best function of a pre-action system is the capability for a facility manager to individually turn on the sprinkler heads and spray water on the active fire. In the event of a false alarm, the two-step process allows facilities to turn off the system.

Commercial sprinkler system water damage

As you can see, a commercial sprinkler system decreases the possibility of substantial fire damage when flames erupt in a commercial property. Commercial sprinkler systems, when used with a smoke detector, can shield businesses from fires. However, as useful as sprinkler devices are in mitigating the damage caused by a fire, they often leave mass amounts of water damage when triggered.

Using water indoors to put out a fire leads to a moisture problem that needs to be quickly solved. A triggered commercial sprinkler system will ruin interiors, equipment, wet carpeting, drywall, and other property materials.  

The first step when dealing with both fire and water damage is to hire a reputable restoration specialist. Hiring the right commercial restoration team will ensure that any water damage is handled and treated with professionalism to prevent further damage.

Our team at SERVPRO of North Fulton will follow these steps:

  • Clear out possessions from the area.
  • Remove the water.
  • Properly dry the area.
  • Fully restore and repair the affected area.

Call SERVPRO for sprinkler water damage

SERVPRO is a renowned water restoration vendor in the industry, and it has been serving customers in Alpharetta since 1967. If you want your everyday work life to be normal again after you have suffered any sort of commercial water damage caused by your sprinkler system, SERVPRO will be the most reliable option for you. 

Our IICRC certified team is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and has over twenty years of experience in restoring fire/water damage and helping customers with fire insurance claims. Your property will be back in a pre-disaster state in no time. We offer 24/7 emergency services to our customers, so feel free to contact us at any time!

Learn How A Blocked Outdoor Drain Can Cause Water Damages

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

Clean drain at the bottom of stairwell Keep your drain clear to avoid water damages!

A blocked drain can lead to water intrusion.

A network of pipes makes up a typical home plumbing system. These pipes then link out to the city sewage system or your septic tank. Many water faucets in your home, including those in the kitchen and bathroom, send wastewater to the main house sewage line.

Outdoor drains work similarly to the drains in your home. Driveway drains, area drains, roof drains, and other types of drains are examples. These outside drains, like all water fixtures, are prone to clogging. Dirt, leaves, and heavy rainstorms tend to block outside drains, causing a disastrous situation when they back up.

How a blocked outdoor drain can cause indoor water damage

Clogged outdoor drains often lead to water damage. A blockage may take some time to build up and become fully evident, but once a problem has begun to take its toll, it'll become noticeable quickly.  

Weak drainage is the most visible effect of a clogged drain. When a drain is clogged, water has a harder time passing through it, resulting in slower draining than usual. 

When clogs block the pipes, the water that is trapped must find a way. In most cases, a leak in your pipes is always the result. Diverted water flowing through leaks will destroy your pipes as well as leak into your home. 

3 Common reasons for clogged outdoor drain:

  1. Foreign material stuck in the pipeline. 
  2. Debris brought in my heavy storms/rainfall.
  3. Broken pipes.

Stairwell drainage issues

The outside stairs leading to the basement can result in flood damage after heavy rain occurs. The small drain at the bottom of the stairs cannot handle massive amounts of pressure; the higher the pressure, the more likely water will seep into the basement from under the door. If this is a recurring issue, a good idea will be to build an awning over your stairs to divert water away from the stairway and avoid future water damages.

How to clear out a clogged outdoor drain

Outdoor drains are often clogged after heavy storms. Heavy rainstorms bring dense mud and silt blockages and larger debris like leaves & tree limbs to easily find their way into the outside drain and create a barrier to the flow.

3 Ways to clear out a clogged drain

  1. A drainage snake is an essential tool. These products are mostly made of steel joints and are long, lightweight, and flexible. They allow you to break through a blockage in your drain, allowing you to reach deep within the external structures.
  2. Remove all the blockage you can reach with your hand
  3. Apply water pressure and flush out the blockage.

When to contact water damage professionals?

If the key issues are yard topography and soil permeability, you will need to hire experts to redesign the whole lawn or garden. It's also beneficial if you have a map or diagram that displays where pipeline links are located. 

Since most outside drain plumbing is shallow, it's always a good idea to choose the finest drain pipe material accessible. When identifying the clogged area is challenging, you'll need a skilled plumber who can use devices like a sewer inspection camera. 

When you have water damage, call SERVPRO of North Fulton. Our team is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and IICRC certified professionals who have qualified experience in restoring water damage. We want your everyday life to be normal again after you have suffered water damages.

Contact us today for 24/7 emergency services!

5 Helpful Tips To Avoid Fire Insurance Claims From Being Denied

2/22/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damage to Fulton County home Contact the fire damage restoration professionals today!

Learn why fire damage claims get denied

After your property is damaged by a tragedy such as a fire, the worst thing that can happen is finding out that your claim has been denied. There are several reasons that insurance agencies justifiably reject fire insurance claims. But that never means that all claim denials are justified.

A fire can occur to any business or home despite the location or precautions taken. The worst part is, one can never be fully prepared. If you have property insurance and are worried about a future fire situation, or if, unfortunately, you are already facing this and see no way out, then read on. This post will help!

Common reasons for a denied claim  

There are many common reasons why insurance agencies can deny claims for coverage associated with fire and smoke damage. While it may be disappointing to receive a rejected claim, the insurance provider can only reconsider their decision if their refusal of coverage has been taken because of an error on their part or because of a false allegation of fraud.

Let's look into the common reasons for the denial:

  • Not filing the claim on time; missing the deadline stated in the policy.
  • Lack of documentation and evidence of the fire loss.
  • Filing a claim for the losses that are not included in your coverage.
  • The coverage limit has been met or exceeded.
  • Late or missing premium payments.
  • Evidence of illegal activities.
  • If the policyholder does not take any precautionary measures and deliberately leaves the property exposed to further loss.

How to avoid being denied

Some insurance providers can reject coverage claims or underpay for damage to policyholders, causing an unreasonable and unfair financial hardship on those who have filed valid claims. For those who are not aware of property claims' ins-and-outs, the entire procedure of filing a claim can be time-consuming and challenging. It can be beneficial for your settlement if you employ a professional to help file the claim, record damages, and negotiate with your insurance provider.

5 Tips to avoid being denied:

  1. Notify the insurer immediately of any losses and keep in mind the time limitations needed to file a claim.
  2. Pay premiums on time.
  3. Know what the insurance policy protects & excludes and, if available, obtain sufficient coverage.
  4. Take all the required steps after a loss to protect the property and minimize the damage.
  5. Document all the property damage.

Reasons why a claim was denied

Every fire is different, and the fire department investigates each one to find the starting point. The fire department then sends a report to the insurance companies, and most insurance companies send investigators to inspect the situation as well. All of this must be done before filing a claim. However, not all the claims are paid in full; here are some explanations why:

Misrepresentation of property

You could jeopardize the whole argument by inflating the real worth of items or claiming that you have lost more than you can prove.


The police and the fire department can suspect arson if they can not find the hotspot. It is best to employ a professional insurance claim attorney to manage your claim if the insurance provider has convicted you of insurance fraud or arson.

Work done without inspections/permits.

The insurance provider will reject the claim if an electrical fault starts a fire in a house where the electrical work was not adequately approved.

What to do if your claim gets denied

When a claim is denied, the property owner will receive a letter detailing precisely why the insurance provider rejected the fire claim. 

  • Review your denial letter; compare the information in this letter to the specifics of your insurance policy's coverage.
  • Since the claim is rejected, the burden of evidence is on the property owner; build a strong case that includes:
  1. Proof of the loss in detail.
  2. Policy evidence that indicates the loss should be compensated.
  3. Supporting paperwork and facts.

SERVPRO knows fire damage claims 

In the industry, SERVPRO of North Fulton is a renowned company, and it has been serving clients north of the Atlanta perimeter since 1967. If you have suffered smoke and fire damage to your property and have claim problems, look no further. 

Our trained insurance damage professionals will support you by reviewing your claim and speak with your insurance adjuster on your behalf. We know what your adjuster is looking for and will provide an accurate xactimate estimate. 

SERVPRO understands the situations our clients are in. We believe that we must supply our customers with white glove services. Contact us today!

5 Prevention Steps To Keep Your Basement From Flooding

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

Basement flood damage in Alpharetta GA Contact the flood damage professionals today!

Basement Flooding is Common in Alpharetta, Georgia

Coming home to a flooded basement will leave an Alpharetta homeowner in a lot of stress. Basement carpets will be soaked, and the furniture will be left with water damage. If not mitigated quickly, it can cause mold growth and leave your home smelling damp and murky for weeks.  

If your basement continuously has flood damage issues, you might be wondering how you can prevent water from flooding your basement again? For those that live in places that get a lot of rain, this may be a source of considerable frustration and discomfort.

In this blog post, we will be going over common causes of basement flooding in Alpharetta and steps you can take to prevent you from being a victim of basement flooding.

The city of Alpharetta does not get nearly as much rain as other areas in the United States. According to Weather Atlas, the most rainfall occurs in February, meaning the month of February is the most common time of year for basement flooding in Alpharetta.

Rainfall is one of the leading causes of basement flooding. Heavy rainfall can cause gutters to get clogged and standing water surrounding the house. Even if you have not been a victim of basement flood damage, you need to take action when you notice standing water outside your home. The professionals at SERVPRO of North Fulton can ensure your home is equipped to handle heavy rainfall.  

You cannot prevent disasters if you don’t know the reasons behind them. When it comes to basement flooding, some of the common causes are:

  • Gaps in your window frames.
  • Cracks in the foundation.
  • Holes in the walls.
  • Heavy rainstorms 
  • Faulty or broken water tanks, pipes, & sump pumps.

5 Basement Flood Prevention Steps

1) Install flood sensors in your basement. You can always count on flood sensors to keep the basement dry. Flood sensors come with moisture detection features along with immediate alert notifications.

2) Ensure that gutter maintenance is done regularly. Gutter maintenance is one of the most actionable steps you can perform when it comes to flood prevention. A thorough gutter cleaning will include the removal of all debris, including leaves and sticks. 

3) Downspouts should be positioned so that access water is redirected at least four feet away from the foundation of your house. If the downspouts at your property are currently less than four feet, you should try adding extensions for a simple and quick way to avoid standing water from gathering around your house.

4) Ensure that water can’t get in through windows or the foundation. Make sure that the windows are properly sealed and repair any flaws or cracks that you may find.

5) Install a sump pump. Sump pumps are excellent systems for flood prevention, but only if they operate correctly. A sump pump is designed to drain water from where it (your basement) shouldn’t be and then store it in a “sump basin.” A sump pump will prevent water damage that potential flooding would have caused.

What is Flood Mitigation?

Flood Mitigation is the method of minimizing the damage and destruction of a property due to a disaster’s effects. Flood mitigation also applies to the “clean up” process that occurs following a natural disaster.

SERVPRO Flood Mitigation Steps:

  • Assessing the situation.
  • Removing water and moisture.
  • Sanitizing and removing any hazardous material.
  • Drying techniques to prevent any secondary damages.

What equipment is needed for Flood Mitigation?

The standard operation for removing flood water and getting rid of any moisture absorbed in the surfaces of a basement includes the use of air movers and dehumidifiers. It is common for the drying process to take 3-5 days. 

To properly sanitize the place, you will need the help of professionals and their advanced antimicrobial products. Our SERVPRO team will work with your insurance company to insure all products and drying procedures are approved for reimbursement. 

Demolishment equipment may be necessary because, during a basement flood, baseboards and sheetrock will absorb a small amount of water, causing them to buckle and swell. If not removed, it will end up affecting the insulation and wall framing. 

Who To Call for Basement Flooding?

SERVPRO of North Fulton is a well-known company in the restoration industry. If you want your everyday life to be normal again after you have suffered damage from a basement flood, you should call the professionals at SERVPRO. 

Our team is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the IICRC certifications to restore water damage in no time. Our goal is to have your basement restored to a pre-water damage state as quickly as possible. At SERVPRO, we understand how devastating and problematic water damage can be to your home, which is why we provide emergency services to our customers. 

Contact us today at (770) 992-2777

What makes an insurance preferred water restoration vendor in Alpharetta, GA?

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

pipe leak causing water damage Trust your insurance adjuster in choosing SERVPRO for restoration repairs!

Know what to look for when hiring a water restoration vendor 

When a restoration business is a preferred vendor amongst insurance companies, it means that the restoration business is legitimate and complies with the policyholder. SERVPRO of North Fulton is a preferred water damage vendor in Alpharetta because their services are performed with integrity and are committed to helping customers with their property claims

SERVPRO of North Fulton works closely with all insurance companies to provide our customers with quality work at a budget-friendly price. It enables the customer to have their property restored within the available budget. We provide quality assurance; that’s why we’ve trusted providers—the work you receive from us is only of top quality. Our experience and certifications speak for themselves, and our restoration process is more efficient and takes less time than any other competitors.  

What to look for when hiring a water restoration vendor?

Water restoration companies are all different in various ways, such as values, goals, and target market. If there’s water damage at your home, it’s crucial to ensure that the right company is hired to restore your home. 

Here are a few points to consider while hiring a restoration vendor:

  • Skills for water restoration 

 Technical expertise is essential. Are the technicians experienced in emergency jobs? ; They should be skilled in dealing with broken pipes or floods. The company you choose needs to specialize in drying, cleaning, mitigating water damage, and performing home repairs. 

  • Experience and professionalism

Any water restoration company should have team members with the IICRC certifications and the professionalism to deal with any size disaster. Customer service skills are essential to make an impact in the industry. 

  • Reputation

Technical skills and reputation are also an added advantage. A company with a higher reputation will have more five-star reviews on Google. When a company has a significant reputation in the industry, more people will hire your company. 

What makes the right water restoration vendor?

When water strikes your home, it’s essential to find the right water restoration vendor, as experience will provide you with detailed results and reliable services. 

Below are two considerations to help choose the best water damage restoration company: 

  1. A company should be appropriately licensed and insured. A trusted company will have specialists to carry out the job and will provide the best services. 
  2. It’s also essential to hire a water damage restoration company that is efficient enough to deal quickly when the disaster strikes. Therefore a company that operates 24/7 will be a perfect fit to ease your burden and provide guaranteed services.

How to find the right water damage contractor

When a water disaster strikes, it will disrupt your everyday lifestyle; therefore, it’s essential to reduce the damage quickly to solve the problem. A preferred water damage restoration company will quickly offer a reliable service, detailed plans, and quality results. 

Make sure the water damage contractor you choose:

  • Responds and acts immediately when there’s damage 

If the water is left untreated for a long time, it could be hazardous and complicate the process. , It is essential to choose a water restoration service that acts and responds quickly to the issue. 

  • Well-Trained Teams

The water restoration teams that are insured and licensed are mostly more suitable than the others. If the company is in the business for a more extended period, they likely have more experience. 

  • Local references and good reputation 

Choose a known company when a disaster strikes. If you are a new homeowner that has never had a disaster strike, you can ask your insurance company or neighbors who they recommend. Ask around and use a company that is a preferred water damage vendor. SERVPRO is known for its reputation and quality work. 

Why Choose SERVPRO

As soon as a water disaster strikes, you immediately need help, and for that, you can entirely rely on SERVPRO of North Fulton. Our team consists of experienced and trusted individuals that are here to assist you 24/7. 

Our compassionate team members will be delighted to guide you, answer all of your questions, and provide quality solutions. We give you reliable repairs and a detailed plan to bring your property to its pre-disaster condition. Contact us today!