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7 Causes Of Commercial Water Damage And How SERVPRO Can Help

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck in the middle of commercial water loss We are available to mitigate any size disaster!

The restoration professionals at SERVPRO know the severity that water damage can cause in the workplace. A water loss can force a business to close, and depending on the severity, it can cause a revenue loss due to the business having to close. If a water damage loss is not properly mitigated, it can also place risk on the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Immediate action is necessary once water damage is spotted!

SERVPRO of North Fulton has seen it all when it comes to water damage losses. We find that commercial water damage restoration is typically more complex than residential water damage restoration due to its intensive approach. 

5 Things To Consider For Commercial Water Losses 

  1. The size and structure of commercial buildings 
  2. The extent of damage 
  3. The varying uses of space 
  4. The number of occupants 
  5. The project timeline

There are seven typical causes of water damages that the professionals at SERVPRO have mitigated. We understand that some water damage issues are inevitable, but they can be preventable, depending on the cause. 

What Are The Causes Of Commercial Water Damage? 

7 typical causes of commercial water damage:

1) Damaged Windows 

If your commercial building has damaged windows that have either been poorly sealed or have cracks in them, moisture may seep in. Moisture to a window seal can cause mold build-up and the wood to the window framing to warp. During a severe storm, a large amount of water may enter the business. It is essential to have your windows and windows seals often checked to prevent water damage from a damaged window. It may be a good idea to hire a local contractor to reseal any windows where the caulking has broken down.

2) Damaged Piping 

As the weather changes, the SERVPRO team gets more calls about bursting pipes. Weather can cause pipes to have pressure changes and possibly even freeze. If you notice any bulging drywall, water stains on walls or floors, loose tiles, or a musty smell, your property may have damaged pipes. SERVPRO will use an infrared camera and moisture meters to see if there is any damage to your commercial building's plumbing.  

3) Foundation Leaks 

A foundation leak is a common cause of poor water irrigation. In most cases, your local landscaping company can come out and make sure that the water is flowing correctly when heavy rainfall occurs. You need to call a reputable company to ensure that the water leak has stopped to the damaged foundation. In severe cases, a foundation leak can go unnoticed for months, causing a huge mold issue. 

4) Leaking Roofs 

We have found that a damaged roof can be a big problem when exposed to heavy rains and snowfall. It is best to have a commercial roof inspected at least once a year to prevent further damage. 

5) HVAC Leaks 

Just like all appliances, a commercial HVAC system has a lifespan. Over time, an HVAC system can wear and cause water leaks. We get HVAC leak calls here at SERVPRO of North Fulton often. To prevent damages, SERVPRO offers duct cleaning to ensure that the HVAC system is functioning correctly. 

6) Sewage System Clogs

A clear indicator that your sewer system has a clog is through gurgling sounds or water backing up out of a drain or toilet. If you believe that your commercial property has a plumbing problem, it is best to call a plumber to come out and take a look to prevent further damages from occurring. If there is a sewage backup, then you should call a certified water damage restoration company immediately.

7) Sprinkler Systems 

Sprinkler systems are great for preventing fire damage. Here in Atlanta, we get calls often after a sprinkler system goes off due to a false alarm. The water inside a sprinkler system typically has sat for years, making these types of water damages very messy. It is essential to inspect your sprinkler systems for leaks and moisture regularly to ensure that it is functioning correctly.


SERVPRO offers a free Emergency Ready Profile for commercial and residential property owners. The goal behind an ERP is to prevent commercial water damage and to have a plan ready when water damage occurs. Having a plan in place can save time and money. 

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial water damage restoration needs to be handled by certified IICRC professionals. We have encountered many mold projects that have resulted from poor water restoration. To save time and money, it is always best to contact a reputable water restoration company like SERVPRO. SERVPRO of North Fulton is available 24/7 365 days a year for all emergency services. 

Call us at (770) 992-2777 

The Number 1 best Type of Air Purifier To Clean The Air In Your Home

9/7/2020 (Permalink)

Mold damage clean up will need a HEPA filter Mold jobs involve a containment barrior and a HEPA filter.

Have you been looking for the best air filtration to keep the air in your home clean? This post will go over the best type of air filtration system. 

Being a SERVPRO franchise located right outside the city of Atlanta, we understand the concerns for air pollution. Major cities are known to have a lot of smog in the air. Smog is the name of pollution in the air. Smog typically contains dust, odors, and other contaminants. 

According to the World Health Organization, the worse the air is in a city, the higher the risk for a stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases for those who live in them. 

Did you know that the highest polluted city in the world in 2019 was Ghaziabad, India? In the US, the highest polluted city was Los Angeles. 

We believe that all homeowners need to prioritize the air quality in their homes, primarily when located near a city. If you live in the middle of the woods where there are many trees, you're in luck because trees absorb odors and pollutant gases and filter particulates out of the air. 

However, living in or near a city grants a higher possibility that your home can quickly develop dust, contaminants, and odor problems. 

Some homeowners believe that moving air with a fan will help promote fresh air. The truth of the matter is that this is not the best solution. A fan will only move the polluted air from one room to another. It would be best to look into an air filtration device to help clean the polluted air in your home. 

The number 1 best type of air filtration system:

  1. HEPA Technology

The team at SERVPRO has chosen Hepa technology as the best air filtration system because it is the most cost-effective and has a proven track record of cleaning the air. We use Hepa technology when we are performing any mold cleaning jobs. A HEPA filter works by forcing the dirty air through the filter where the particles are captured. The clean air is then forced out of the filter, filling your home with fresh, renewed air.

Why should you invest in a HEPA filter? 

It is known that mold, dust, and other odors live in the world around us. The goal is to keep them out of our homes. Pollutants generally fall into five primary air pollutants:

Ozone pollutants come from harmful industrial chemicals and fuel burning.

  • Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)

Nitrogen oxides pollutants come from vehicles, power plants, and other forms of fuel burning.

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon monoxide pollutants come from fossil fuel burning from vehicles and heavy machinery.

  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

Sulfur Dioxide pollutants come from fuel-burning from industries and power plants and ships and vehicles with heavy equipment.

  • Particulate Matter

Particulate Matter pollutants come from construction sites, smokestacks, fires, and unpaved roads directly emit coarser particles such as windblown dust, dirt, smoke, and soot. 

When one of the five types of air pollutants enter your home, it can be difficult to breathe. With the use of a HEPA filter, breathing will become much more manageable.

SERVPRO uses its HEPA filters from the removal of mold and allergens in the air. We have found that our HEPA filters make a cleaner atmosphere inside your home. HEPA filters also combat lingering odors and deliver fresh, breathable air. 

Deciding what type of air filter is best for your home and family can be challenging. The SERVPRO staff here at SERVPRO of North Fulton is here to help you choose which of the HEPA air filtration machines are designed to effectively remove pollutant particles in your house. 

Allergens, dust, and mold can try to take over your home, but you can fight back with a HEPA air purifier system. If you have a severe mold issue, we ask that you call us today, and we will come out and evaluate the extent of the mold present in your home. Our IICRC certified team is ready to help you with mold remediation services. 

Call us at (770) 992-2777

3 Essential Things To Consider Before Rebuilding After Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

fire damage to a Sandy Springs apartment complex. SERVPRO is here to help your through your fire loss

Commercial fire damage can leave a Sandy Springs property destroyed. In this post, you are going to learn what is necessary after a fire loss has occurred.

When your business or commercial property is damaged by fire, the immediate concern needs to be temporary protection and safety precautions. 

For example, let us say an apartment complex had recently undergone a fire loss that had caused fire damage to the commercial roof and windows. In order to prevent further damages, the roof needs to be covered with roof tarps, and the windows and doors need to be boarded. Limiting exposure to the outdoor environment is critical; it will not keep your belongings safe from the outdoor environment, but it will also keep your belongings safe from any theft. 

After any fire occurs, use caution before entering the commercial property. When walking the damaged property, check for broken power lines, gas leaks, and structural damage. If there is wet electrical equipment from the sprinkler system or the Sandy Springs Fire Department, contact an electrician. 

Three critical steps business and commercial property owners should take during a fire loss:

  1. Protection From Contractor Fraud

Make sure that you only hire licensed contractors to do repairs on your commercial property. If you are not certain, you can double-check with your property manager to ensure the contractor is licensed. Keep in mind that if a contractor requests you to pull any permits, then the contractor is most likely not properly licensed. 

  1. Photographs All Damage

Taking photographs of the pre mitigation fire condition of your commercial property will provide proof of damage for insurance. To keep deliberate records, we recommend that you take photos immediately after the damage and before repair work begins. 

If you do not have any damages to your property, then it would be an excellent time to take a complete set of photographs of your commercial property in its current condition. These images will serve as "before" pictures so that insurance is aware of what the property looked like before any damages occurred. Having both sets of photographs will help with the fire damage claim

  1. Assess The Damage And Contact Your Property Manager

After a thorough walkthrough and assessing the fire damage to your commercial property, contact your property manager for information on the required building permits. Permits are required for any demolition or permanent repairs, reconstruction, roofing, filling, and other types of site development. 

The professionals at SERVPRO of North Fulton will simplify the commercial property restoration process by handling both the damage mitigation and rebuild of the affected areas. 

We believe in having one qualified company for the entire fire damage restoration process. Using one company will save you time and keep your costs low. SERVPRO offers a full range of restoration services that will get you back in business and bring your building and property back to full use.

We are here to help!

The team at SERVPRO North Fulton has specialized fire damage restoration training from the IICRC and experience to quickly clean up and restore your commercial building or property "Like it never even happened." 

Call us at (770) 992-2777

Commercial Water Damages As A Result Of Toilet Overflow: What To Do And What Not To Do

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

Toilet overflow water damage Call SERVPRO for all of your water damage restoration services!

Toilet overflow is something that nobody intends to consider, and that the majority of us do not. It's much more than a minor inconvenience when it takes place from either an effective pipeline or a stuck toy, especially when the damages are on an upper floor and filled with contaminated category 2 or 3 water.

When facing water damages from toilet overflow, you are required to ensure that you take the appropriate actions to prevent further destruction to your property and health and wellness of your staff and residents.

How Toilet Overflow Can Damage Your Commercial Property?

Depending upon the layout as well as the location of the washroom within your residence, water from an overflowing toilet can permeate into or completely damage:

  • Drywall
  • Electrical wiring
  • Flooring/baseboards
  • Ceilings of lower level rooms
  • Shower tiling
  • Bathtubs
  • Door trims
  • Cupboards
  • Carpets
  • Any type of uninsulated areas, like below cabinets

How Is Water Damage is Assessed?

As soon as you call an expert water restoration company such as SERVPRO to look at the affected area, they will evaluate the damages based upon the quality of the water and the class of the loss.

There are 3 categories of water quality:

Category 1, also known as clean water, is sanitary water that does not present a threat to health; this generally originates from a busted water supply line.

Category 2, also known as greywater, is water that has been contaminated to some extent and can cause illness.

Category 3 (" black water") is the most harmful and consists of raw sewage, fungus, bacteria, as well as various other microbes that can trigger extreme health issues.

On top of that, there are four classes of water loss, depending on the magnitude of damages:

Class 1 water damage is when only low-porosity and also low-permeability materials in the area are impacted. Including materials like linoleum, wood floorings as well as fixtures, and floor tile.

Class 2 water damage is when the water has impacted the entire room/area of your property; consisting of structures and up to 2 feet of water infiltration up any wall surfaces.

Class 3 water damage is when essentially all of the areas have been saturated with the overflowing water. Ceilings, insulation, structures, furnishings, cushions, carpets, and much more, are impacted.

Class 4 water damage is when low-porosity, low-permeability materials like concrete, stone, and also hardwood are saturated. Considering that the water can get caught in hard-to-reach pockets, they vaporize much more slowly as well as call for unique strategies to completely dry.

DO's and DON'TS of Handling Toilet Overflow

DO get in touch with an expert company as well as your insurance provider immediately.

Even if you're insured for water damage, several insurance companies include a mitigation clause that requires you to prevent additional damage. If you do not promptly hire a professional to evaluate the problem, your insurance might decline your coverage. SERVPRO of North Fulton is readily available 24/7 to react to your needs, begin repair services, and instantly assist you with the insurance case process.

DO work with a trusted expert to rebuild the water-damaged areas of your property.

Even if you have experience in commercial construction, do not take care of the impacted areas on your own, especially if your property was constructed before 1980. property owners that attempt to demolish damaged drywall on construction before 1980 might be exposed to asbestos. Lastly, ensure that the business is IICRC certified as well as updated on training.

DO NOT attempt to clean up the flooding on your own.

Category 2, as well as 3 water, is dangerous for you and your loved ones' health and wellness. Furthermore, temporarily being exposed to the pathogens can result in illness. Contain the water if you can, however, ensure to steer clear of the affected area until professionals show up.

DO NOT assume that there are no damages due to the fact that it isn't immediately noticeable.

Considering that the full extent of the damages commonly isn't visible to the naked eye, many property owners think that there isn't any kind of damages and commonly fail to obtain professional aid before things get even worse. If your bathroom is on an upper level, this could lead to a collapse in the lower level ceiling.

DO NOT ventilate the area before help arrives. While it might help reduce odors and dry the area, it also spreads out any possible microorganisms throughout your property.


At SERVPRO of North Fulton, we understand how discouraging it can be to navigate the restoration process to your property after water damage. If you're a Sandy Springs property manager dealing with the impacts of toilet overflow or any other commercial flooding, we're here to provide you with the quick service you deserve.  

Call us at (770) 992-2777 

SERVPRO Construction Division Is Ready To Repair Any Size Disaster

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Construction pre loss damages SERVPRO is ready to repair the damages to your home or business.

WHY SERVPRO Construction? 

SERVPRO has made its name known for helping customers when there is a fire/water/mold disaster in their home or business. Many people aren't aware that SERVPRO of North Fulton has a construction division that has helped multiple homeowners and businesses in and out of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

In this post, you will learn why we have been chosen by local residential and commercial owners to restore and remodel their property. For starters, we want you to know that SERVPRO of North Fulton has all of the licenses and insurance coverage to handle all size disasters. 

The way that our SERVPRO construction division helps residents starts with three main attributes: 

  1. Training 
  2. Management
  3. Craftsmanship 

SERVPRO Training 

When you hire SERVPRO to handle the reconstruction portion of your home or business damages, it is essential to know that you are hiring a company that takes pride in their higher education. Each of our outstanding staff members has passed extensive training through the IICRC and learned from individuals who have been in the industry for 20 plus years. 

SERVPRO Management

When it comes to a restoration project, you must hire a company with years of project management experience. Our project management staff starts from the top; owner Rick Northen has handled multiple sized projects from start to finish. Our SERVPRO construction division would not be where it is today without Rick's hard work and dedication. He is the one that has influenced all of the project managers and Crew chiefs at SERVPRO of North Fulton. 

SERVPRO Craftsmanship 

The craftsmanship at SERVPRO of North Fulton is highly reputable in Atlanta. Our staff consists of individuals that can repair the most extensive damages to a property. For typical category three water damage jobs, we will have to demo out portions of the building to ensure that the structure stays free of any potential pathogens. We promise to not only dry out the structure of your building but also to repair it “Like it never even happened.” 

Choosing SERVPRO Construction For Insurance Repairs

Our SERVPRO Construction division has the experience to work with your insurance company to make sure that you are getting the most out of your estimate. Working with a customer's insurance company can be tedious because there is a lot of going back and forth of what will be covered for repairs. We will make sure that we get the most out of the estimate that we submit to your insurance company because we want to not only repair the structure but also deliver something that you will like even better. 


The SERVPRO construction division at SERVPRO of North Fulton is here to go above and beyond your expectations. We want to be your go-to company for insurance repairs as well as build a lasting relationship. If you're interested to see how we have helped our customers, check out the SERVPRO reviews that were left from our past construction jobs!

SERVPRO Takes A Look At Water Damage vs. Flood Damage

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Flood damage to multiple homes Potential flooding can occur from a hurricane passing through Georgia

When homeowners call about restoration damage to their property, they need to know that water damage and flood damage are not interchangeable. Water and flood damage are different from one another. 

Mistaking the two can be costly when the homeowner tries to file a water damage claim for flooding, filing for a flood is a different claim altogether.

Aswell, flood insurance and water damage insurance are two different things. We have heard terrible stories about insurers getting out of paying for the claim by proving that a homeowner's insurance type does not cover the damage that the property has undergone. 

Breakdown of flood and water damage insurance

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is separate from homeowner's insurance. Properties that are near an area that is prone to flooding, the homeowner, will be required to buy a separate flood insurance policy. 

Flood insurance covers flood damage to the house's foundation, appliances, carpeting, paneling, and electrical and plumbing systems. 

Water Damage Insurance

Water damage is typically covered under homeowner's insurance, but you should read your policy carefully to determine what kind of water damage your insurer will pay. Typically, water damages are caused by severe rainstorms, pipes bursting, or a hailstorm that breaks your windows and allows water to intrude into your home.

What Is the Difference Between Water Damage and Flood Damage

To quickly differentiate the difference between flood damage and water damage, remember that only one home typically suffers from water damage. On the contrary, when flood damage occurs, multiple surrounding homes suffer from the same problem. 

Black Water Flood damage is a result of the following causes:

  • Water overflowing from tidal waters or inland waters. 
  • Water runoff from a mountains 
  • Mudflow from hills

Similarities Between Water Damage and Flood Damage

Both water damage and flood damages cause structural damage and damage to your personal belongings. The water restoration cleaning process is similar for both types of damages. 

Documentation is essential when filing a claim for water or flood damage. SERVPRO will follow the following step to ensure your insurance company processes the claim:

  • Taking pictures and videos of the damage
  • Listing the damaged items in your home
  • Contacting your insurance company
  • Estimating using Xactimate (Prefered estimating software for insurance claims)

Filing a claim for restoration damages 

Typically speaking, homeowner's insurance doesn't cover damages caused by flooding. If you fear that your home is susceptible to flooding, we suggest that you purchase separate flood insurance directly through the federal government's National Flood Insurance Program, also known as the NFIP.

SERVPRO of North Fulton is here to help our residents file any restoration insurance claims. We know the ins and outs of home insurance claims and will look over your policy to ensure you are adequately covered as well as help you get the most out of your insurance claim. If your home has recently suffered from water or flood damage, please call us at (770) 992-2777. We are available 24/7 for all emergency restoration damages. 

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Creating A Fire Preparedness Plan Will Keep Your House Members Safe

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

Have you sat down with your family and created a Fire Preparedness Plan? Developing a detailed plan with your family will keep everyone safe during a fire. 

Statistics show that families that create fire preparedness plans are more likely to live and be safe during a fire loss. If you haven't already, we suggest gathering as a household to create a plan unique to your home. To create a detailed plan, you must consider the following five items:  

Identify The Exits

When a fire breaks out in your home, it is best to identify two different ways to exit each room safely. One member of the house may have to teach each member of your household how to safely exit through windows if that is the only option. Keep in mind that some house members may have a more difficult time escaping a fire, such as babies, elderly relatives, or individuals with disabilities. It may be necessary to relocate them to a more accessible area of the house to quickly escape from a fire. 

Designated Meeting Place

When looking for the perfect emergency meeting place, it is best to pick a spot that's a safe distance away from your home. Great meeting spots would be locations like a mailbox, a park, or a neighbor's house. When developing your plan, try to walk out and test the meeting spot with all house members to establish it as the official meeting place. Keep in mind that all house members must know that once they exit the house, they should not go back inside for any reason. Calling 911 should only occur once an individual is at the meeting place and not in the burning house. 

Map it Out

A detailed drawing that includes the layout of your home and the exit areas is important in ensuring everyone stays safe. On the piece of paper, mark the different exits and exit paths from every room. The detailed plan should be somewhere accessible and make sure to go over the plan with any overnight guests. 

Safety Tips

Teach house members the following safety tips:

  1. Choose the escape route with the least amount of heat and smoke, but be prepared for less than ideal circumstances.
  2. Do not touch the doorknob with bare hands. In some cases, the fire is close and will burn your hand badly. If it's not hot, the fire is not close by; then, it's ok to exit through the door.
  3. Remember that smoke rises, stay low, and crawl when traveling through a room or hallway with a lot of smoke.

Plan Drills

Twice a year, we suggest that your house members schedule practice drills and replace the batteries in your smoke alarms. Practicing the safety tips from above will be a critical part of the drill.

Remember, nothing is more important than the house members' safety. SERVPRO can repair and remove and replace the damaged materials in your home, but a life is irreplaceable. A family fire preparedness plan will save lives.

If you have recently suffered from fire or smoke damage to your home, give SERVPRO of North Fulton a call at (770) 992-2777. With our restoration experience and training, we can make it "Like it never even happened."

The Leading Causes of Fires in A 30068 Business | SERVPRO of North Fulton

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

Partnering With A Fire Damage Restoration Team Can Help Relieve The Stress That Fires Bring.

We have witnessed that many business owners have never-ending responsibilities. In our opinion, the most significant responsibility that a business owner has is safety factors regarding the potential risks to your business, staff, and visitors.

To help relieve the stress from further risks after a fire, the team at SERVPRO of North Fulton has a free service called an Emergency Ready Plan (ERP for short). An ERP will help the business owner know precisely what steps to take when fire damage occurs.

While creating your ERP plan, a certified SERVPRO professional will take a look around your property, and the best plan of action will be when your building structure undergoes a fire. 

A SERVPRO ERP helps a business owner know what steps needed to take after a fire occurs. Planning for and working toward preventing fires will be the job of a local fire marshal and can take some time, but with a detailed plan in action, we can guarantee that you will be back to full operation quicker than if you didn't have a plan at all. 

The Leading Causes of Commercial Structure Fires

According to a report published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the leading causes of commercial structure fires are: 

  1. Cooking equipment, 29% of fires
  2. Electrical distribution and lighting equipment, 12% of fires
  3. Heating equipment, 11% of fires
  4. Intentional, 10% of fires
  5. Smoking materials, 9% of fires
  6. Exposure, 4% of fires
  7. Electronic, office or entertainment equipment, 3% of fires

How To Further Protect Your Business

The number one way to protect your business from a potential fire is to know the best fire prevention tips. When you and your staff are aware of prevention tips, the chance of a fire breaking out will reduce.

First, you must assess the fire hazard risk and know the places for a potential fire at your property. As we stated prior, you will want to get in contact with your local Fire marshal; they can offer advice and help identify the business risks, guiding your fire prevention plan.

Choosing the best fire protection equipment.

When you have the option to choose a commercial building that you want to do business in, you must make sure that they include an automatic sprinkler system, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers on each floor.

Lastly, we want to emphasize sharing the plan with your employees. The employees of any business are the ones that are client-facing. With employees being aware of the fire prevention plan they can then communicate it effectively to the visitors in case of an emergency. The best way to train your staff is by conducting regular fire drills so that the fire safety protocol is fresh in everyone's mind. Aswell, provide quarterly meetings to review evacuation plans and routes and location of any medical aid kits.

Everyone needs to know what to do in the case of a fire. Despite best efforts with fire prevention and safety tips, the worst could always happen at your business. We are here to help when a fire disrupts your business. We offer immediate service and will treat your property as if it were our own. 

Call us at (770) 992-2777 

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4 Essential Things Needed To Be Prepared For A Storm

7/13/2020 (Permalink)

Canned foods to eat during a storm Canned foods are a great source of nutrients when your power is out.

SERVPRO of North Fulton knows the occasional storm can knock out power for some time. Knowing the essentials to prepare for a storm is vital to the safety of you and your family. 

The 4 things that we are about to list are going to come in handy in a storm causes power outages in the South East.

 Here they are: 

1) Canned goods and a manual can opener

During the hurricane months, it is especially essential to go to your favorite grocery store and stock up on canned goods. During a storm disaster, you can get the right macronutrients that you need to survive out of canned fruits, canned vegetables, and canned beans. Canned items are not the healthiest, but if appropriately eaten, your body will receive the right amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that you need to survive. On the plus side, canned items can last a while without spoiling. Before you rely on canned items to survive, it is also necessary to invest in a manual can-opener. Opening a can without a can-opener will be difficult. Make sure to add a manual can opener to your emergency set; it will come in handy in a time of disaster. 

2) Batteries (Different Sizes)

Having backup batteries will be essential during a storm, especially if you do not have a generator. A severe storm can knock out the power to your home for days. Having batteries will help you and your family see during the night with battery-powered flashlights. We personally also think that having a charged back up USB power bank will be essential to have on hand. With a USB power bank, you will have the ability to power up and use your phone in case of an emergency.  

3) Drinking-Water

According to the American Red Cross, they recommend that you have one gallon, per person, per day in the event of a natural disaster. Doing the math, a family of 5 will need 35 gallons of water to last the week.

4) Cash Money 

When power outages affect a whole city, you can bet that credit cards and ATMs will not be functional. We recommend that every homeowner always keeps a stash of emergency cash in their home. When a storm hits, you will be able to buy all the supplies and gas that you need using your emergency funds without panic. Also, it is nice to have cash on hand for any other reason that you may need it. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Here are the 4 essential items that you must keep in your home when a storm passes through Sandy Springs. The team at SERVPRO knows that massive storms do not often occur in our area, but it is better to be safe than sorry. If your home has recently received damage after a storm, please give us a call at (770) 992-2777. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year for all storm damage claims. When we get your initial call, we will have a certified professional onsite within four hours!

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3 Reasons Why Board Up Services Are Important After A Fire

7/6/2020 (Permalink)

Board up services to sandy springs home Recent board up service in Sandy Spring, GA

SERVPRO offers board up services after fire damage in your home has caused glass windows to shatter.

When fire damage occurs in your North Atlanta Home or business, it can cause a variety of damaging costs. Did you know that house fires can produce heat up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit? High temperatures, combined with a lack of oxygen to your home, will cause your property doors and windows to blow out. In addition to a lack of oxygen, fireballs will be shot around your property, causing damage to the interior of your home or business. 

SERVPRO of North Fulton Has been to the go-to fire damage restoration company for the Sandy Spring Fire Department. This strong relationship has been created because we are fast-acting and there when our local firefighters need a home or business boarded up.  

Having your property boarded up is beneficial for the following three reasons: 

  1. Preventing further damage from weather

Fire damage clean up is not something that can be completed in 24 hours. Most home fires have a combination of leftover debris and soot damage to the walls. Rather than offering same-day installation of windows and doors, we find it best to provide board up services while we wait for the damages to settle. When we board up a home or business after a fire, we are negating the potential damages caused by rain or other storms. Heavy rainfall can cause water damages to an unprotected building. As well, implementing wood planks to cover your property entrances will prevent debris from entering your property. 

  1. Reduce potential theft

Unfortunately, we have heard stories of people that target damaged buildings as a free pass to steal the belongings inside damaged properties. We do our best to help the property owners remove all of the undamaged belongings, but sometimes valuables are forced to be left inside due to safety precautions. When SERVPRO boards up your property after fire damage, we hope to secure the belongings of your property from thieves. 

  1. Keep out unwanted animals. 

Properly covering a building after a fire occurs will help prevent any four-legged creatures from making a new home. Before our professionals can replace your property to prior loss conditions, we must cover any entranceways where unwanted pests could enter.  

Having fire damage to your property can be extremely stressful, so we are here to help our North Atlanta residents every step of the way. As you can see, once we receive the initial call, we will send out a crew to board up any broken windows and doors to prevent bad weather, thieves, and pests from entering your property. 

If your home or business has recently suffered from a fire loss, we want to help you mitigate it. Our highly trained fire damage staff is available 24/7 365 days a year to help our North Atlanta residents with any size fire loss. Call us today at (770) 992-2777  to schedule an appointment. 

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